Contract Equipment Manufacturing

Trusted End to End Contract Manufacturing Solution

Our contract equipment manufacturing services can help you reduce your cost, deliver quality product, and meet your production ramp requirements through our scalable programs.

Matrix Automation offers one-stop shop and capable to design, provide electrical and mechanical spare parts, develop software designs and complete electromechanical assemblies. We have all the resources onsite to complete your project, from concept to creation. All the equipment and resources required for successful electrical wiring and mechanical assembly are onsite within our facility. We offer complete solutions for your finalized commercial product. As your enterprise grows, Matrix Automation is dedicated to partnering with you.


As grow and your needs diversify, you’ll want to count on a comprehensive, one-stop shop like Matrix Automation to fulfil your manufacturing needs. With our turnkey capabilities, we deliver build-to-print projects according to your exact specifications and can provide valuable insight to give you more options, while you maintain full control of all your IP. Design modifications can be executed at any time; and we will update your mechanical models and drawings, as requested.

Some highlights of Matrix Build-To-Print Offering

  • New Product Development

  • Proof of Concept and Prototyping

  • Design for Manufacture

  • Strategic Purchasing and Sourcing

  • Volume Manufacturing and Production Systems

  • Run-off and Validation

  • Field Service

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